Geometric Shift Dress

IMG_2773It was hard for me to shift (get it?) into this trend because shapeless dresses don’t always flatter my specific body type. When I found this particular shift dress, the pattern appealed to me but I still wasn’t fully sold until I put it on. I love that it isn’t so stiff and moves with me (and the wind). The neckline is different and flattering for a bigger chest as it provides depth. Extra shape and flare are provided by the longer cut in the back. The color simplicity of black and white mixed with several abstract, geometric patterns make this dress very versatile (and FUN!). I have worn it to work, to both daytime and evening events, and I would even wear it to a dressy-casual summer wedding. I loved pairing this dress with a bright coral Hobo Bag to make it pop and incorporate a spring-time feel.IMG_2749 (1){Shift Dress, Hobo Bag (smaller version here), Cole Haan Pumps, Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Party StarterIMG_2778IMG_2770IMG_2781IMG_2786IMG_2754 (1)IMG_2836

Kale Chips

IMG_2738With Summer around the corner, I think it’s about time I perfect this easy, healthy, ‘pretend you’re eating popcorn’, snack. I don’t know why the taste of kale chips sometimes gives me undertones and notes of popcorn…But I am definitely not complaining. Kale chips are obviously packed with nutrients and this snack is very low cal – perfect for beach prep, am I right? You get a tasty treat and energy boost that will keep you tied over, especially with almonds on the side!

{kale homegrown from the garden}IMG_2706{olive oil lightly brushed on torn kale leaf chunks}IMG_2719{sprinkled with s&p}IMG_2726{baked to…maybe perfection next time ;)} IMG_2730There are TONS of kale chip recipes all over the world wide web, but I followed this one loosely. While I did heat my oven to 350, the first round I left in the oven for 10 minutes and the second only 7*. Watch your oven temp and the delicacy of the kale you are using. P.S. The thicker leaves, the better, in my opinion. Lightly brush the olive oil on clean dried kale leaves and sprinkled salt and pepper* on top.

*My strays away from the recipe – shorter bake time and I added in pepper, obvi. Speaking of, get crafty with it! Pepper, garlic salt, cumin, maybe a little cayenne…Mmmm. Enjoy!

Chunky Cable-Knit Sweater

IMG_2605This sweater. This sweater has seen it all. Frigid mountains, hot countrysides and blustery beaches. I’ve been able to wear it to a myriad of events with ranging weather conditions. The neutral color allows it to be paired with endless items and the baggy shape drapes heavy and attractively. Here, it’s paired with a tight fitting cotton skirt to show off the  draping feature of the sweater. I found the braided side-gather in the skirt complimented the crocheted cable-knit sweater and the neutral color combo was in-sync. To keep the outfit beach practical, I wore beige Vans when I wasn’t barefoot. The beach this day played the part perfectly with cloud covered skies, soft glassy ocean and a warm sand glow.IMG_2454

{Mika Yoga Wear headband, Free People cable-knit sweater similar here, Free People skirt, Hobo bag, Vans shoes}IMG_2463IMG_2488IMG_2512IMG_2533 (1)IMG_2543IMG_2573IMG_2603IMG_2668IMG_2687


Nautical Colors in Avila

Version 2As a frequent beach goer, I try to typically stray away from ‘playing the part’, because I’m a ‘local’ and how dare I ever look like a tourist in my own town, am I right? However, as I put this outfit together, all I could envision for the shoot was being on a pier that overlooked the ocean, with big wood pylons and planks. And with that vision coming to life, just like that, I became a tourist in my own town. Not only dressing like it was 85 degrees, when in fact the wind was howling (take a look at my hair in some of the photos) and it was quite frigid, but also prancing around the pier getting my photo taken like I was new to the scene. Even though I acted like an out-of-towner (nothing wrong with that), this outfit was perfect for a beach day in Spring. I love the thin white and navy vertical stripes of the T-shirt dress combined with a structural light denim jacket. As for accessories, I wanted to add some pops of color that tied in with the nautical theme. I paired a chunky coral rock bracelet with a beaded coral necklace in which the combo of the big rocks and delicate necklace detail really complimented each other. To offset going overboard with the Naval theme, I wore a mustard yellow woven belt and tan leather huarache sandals.IMG_2250 IMG_2246

{T-Shirt Dress similar here, Cropped Denim Jacket similar here, Huarache Sandals, Coach Legacy Sunglasses} Version 2 IMG_2274 IMG_2277 IMG_2290 IMG_2303

Wishing you great weekend vibes! Cheers!


For extra viewing pleasure, here are a couple shots that turned out awesome with a B&W filter

IMG_2281 IMG_2283

Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Romper

IMG_2125Festival Season is winding down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean festival style has to. As summer is just around the corner, a lot of festival pieces can double as beach, concert, or wine-tasting attire. Continue reading